Neal Security’s service begins with its employees. Carefully selected security officers are our most valuable asset. Neal Security is committed to hiring only the best officers who are professional, dependable, well-groomed and dedicated to the job. Applicants are carefully selected to meet the high expectations of Neal Security and its clients. Short and long term training ensure that our officers are the finest in the industry.

Security Guard Tour Tracking Software

We use the latest in GPS verified Guard Tour Tracking Software to ensure that our security officers are awake, alert and completing their tours. If our officers are not completing tours, the software will send an email alert to notify us so we can take immediate action to remedy the situation. We can also generate reports to show exactly when, where and what our officers checked during their patrols.

Electronic Reporting Software

We use the Electronic Reporting Software to create and submit reports from mobile devices or desktop computers. We can access these reports at any time, from anywhere we need them. Now our officers can be mobile and always connected.

Time and Attendance Software

We use the Time and Attendance Software to quickly create schedules online that our security officers can check from anywhere. Officers also use the app to clock in and out, so no more hassle with client billing or employee payroll. Additionally, if our officers do not clock in or out, the software will send an email alert so we can quickly address the situation.

Increase Productivity

When officers know they cannot get away with giving less than 100%, productivity increases leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Neal Security’s commitment to proper training is vital to ensuring effective job performance. Neal Security’s comprehensive employee training consists of three well designed training programs. Security officer development is an on-going process beginning with basic training in the core principles of effective security, progressing to site specific job training and advanced training when and where necessary. Also, an industry first, all our guards working Bonded Mine Property are provided with an exclusive MSHA kit to enable better job performance and improve their personal safety.

Our In-house training includes:

  • Introduction to Security
  • The Art of Patrolling
  • How to Write Effective Reports
  • Courteous Enforcement
  • Deterrence Through Preparedness
  • How to Properly Handle Disruptive People
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Active Shooter (where applicable)
  • DCJS (Virginia Certification, where applicable)
  • MSHA and DMME, 24-hour surface training (where applicable)

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