About our Reporting Software

What can Officers do?

File Daily Activity & Incident Reports

Officers complete Daily Activity Reports and Incident Reports from their Android or iOS devices instantly and include time-stamped photos and videos if necessary.

Automated Guard Tours

Officers scan QR code checkpoints from their tablet and receive specific instructions regarding each checkpoint. Officers also receive pass on logs to send information to the relieving guard, check-in / out Trucks and Visitors and view post orders.

What can Management do?

Get Real-Time Reports

Receive access to daily activity and incident reports as well as Truck and Visitor check-ins / outs. Track officer GPS locations and guard tour progress in real time.

Track Officer Performance

Access current guard performance measures so we can be sure the job is done correctly, every shift.  We receive alerts the moment an officer is underperforming so we can take the appropriate action necessary to get them back on track.

Communicate with Officers

We can quickly submit post order changes to guards whether temporary or permanent so they are always working from the latest job site protocol as well as make them aware of any significant developments during a previous shift.

Automate Communications

Daily activity reports get delivered to management, automatically allowing the administration to take action if necessary.

What can Clients Expect From This Software?

  • Increased Accountability

  • Increased Transparency

  • Increased Communication

  • Increased Performance

  • Peace of Mind

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